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Scaida pre-launch event at HOSPEX INDIA 2023

As HOSPEX INDIA 2023 concluded, mlHealth 360 looked back on three days filled with immense learning, strategic alliances, and state-of-the-art innovations. One of the standout moments for mlHealth 360 was the introduction of SCAIDA, their advanced AI enterprise imaging solution. The enthusiastic reception to SCAIDA reaffirmed the company’s leadership role in health tech advancements. The event was also enriched with expert sessions, offering deep insights into diverse areas from cutting-edge medical technology to the nuances of healthcare digital marketing. These discussions illuminated the path forward for many attendees, shedding light on the future of healthcare technology. Beyond the knowledge exchange, HOSPEX became a hub for nurturing relationships. mlHealth 360 forged significant connections and collaborative opportunities that promise to shape their endeavors in the coming months. Special recognition was given to Vasudhev Health Tech, mlHealth 360’s esteemed partners. “Our experience at HOSPEX was heightened due to our partnership with Vasudhev Health Tech. Their unwavering support was invaluable,” shared a representative from mlHealth 360. In their farewell note to HOSPEX INDIA 2023, mlHealth 360 expressed their heartfelt thanks to the event organizers and the diverse medical community that participated. The company emphasized, “It wasn’t just the new knowledge or the new partnerships but also the rejuvenated zeal towards our mission of integrating technology in healthcare that we take with us.” With fond memories of this year’s event, mlHealth 360 eagerly anticipates HOSPEX 2024.

mlHealth 360’s Kumar Surender Sinwar Highlights AI in Healthcare at News 18 Rajasthan’s AI-Conclave

At the recent AI-Conclave hosted by News 18 Rajasthan, Kumar Surender Sinwar took the stage to discuss the transformative potential of AI in the healthcare sector. The conclave, held in Jaipur on August 26, gathered experts from various domains to delve into the topic ‘AI – The Door to the Future’. Sinwar highlighted the crucial role of AI in modern diagnostics, particularly its impact in radiology. He emphasized the vast possibilities and the paramount importance of AI in making healthcare more efficient and accessible. The conclave provided a platform for a comprehensive understanding of AI’s practical applications and implications. With an array of experts sharing insights, the event underscored the pivotal role of AI across various sectors, with healthcare being a prominent focus. As AI continues to shape multiple industries, the emphasis at the conclave remained clear: the future of healthcare is intertwined with the advancements in artificial intelligence. The session offered a glimpse into a future where AI in healthcare is not merely a trend but an integral component of improved patient outcomes.

mlHealth 360 Selected for Prestigious Investor Readiness Program

In a recent announcement, the organizers of the 4th annual Investor Readiness Program (IRP) have chosen mlHealth 360 as one of the standout companies to participate in this esteemed initiative. Spanning six months, the IRP is meticulously designed to bridge promising small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in BC’s vibrant life sciences arena with seasoned Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs). This connection aims to prime these innovative businesses for investor attraction. The inclusion of mlHealth 360 in this program underlines its potential and the significant strides it has made in the life sciences sector. The organizers took a moment to laud all selected companies for their achievements and extend their gratitude to the EIRs for their commitment to elevating the sector. Further bolstering the program’s stature is the continued support and partnership from the National Research Council Canada/Conseil national de recherches Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP).